Saturday, June 30, 2007

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 10th, 7:00 PM and Weekend Video Lab (July 7th & 8th)!

There are two big things to report. Just got the confirmation from Scott at Casa Blue.

Next Meeting

Will be a repeat of the first meeting agenda-wise. I'm experimenting with which day of the week is best for people, so please give me your input on which day you prefer (assuming we can work it out with our hosts, La Casa Blue). There's one person who has a class at Art Center on Thursday nights, Keith Lubow, a very talented photographer who wants to explore video a little more.

Like last time, we'll be meeting on the back patio of Casa Blue.

Weekend Video Lab

Saturday and Sunday, July 7th and 8th, we are getting together to make a video from start to finish in 48 hours. Just for the hell of it. I'm calling this a class, because I know some of the people coming have no video experience at all (like my step mom Yolanda) and want to learn and have fun. We're going to start at 10 AM, on the back patio of Casa Blue. The first day will involve pre-production: coming up with a story, writing a script, making props and costumes. The second day will involve setting up and shooting the video, and then editing it.

This will not be a "structured" class. It involves a lot of learning by doing, and jumping right into a project. You do not have to attend the entire weekend or even the entire day. Just come for a few hours and help out if you'd like. The emphasis is on fun and doing.

Also, to narrow things down a little, the style of video we're going to go for is what Rob Scrab has dubbed "Drawless Animation" and can be seen in his Ringwald and Molly series. This will be a great opportunity for anyone that wants to try out voice acting! We need cardboard, glue guns, markers, paint, broken toys, butcher paper, etc. to construct our props and backgrounds. If you are coming, contact me to find out what we need.


I've renamed this the Weekend Video Lab, instead of challenge, since that's a better description. Challenge implies a contest, which this is most certainly not (although we might submit the video to some contests and screenings).

Weekend Video Lab: Update II

Here's the breakdown of the schedule:

Friday (Optional):
• 7 PM
• 1 hour basics of video overview, including:
⁃ ATV tutorials
⁃ Ringwald & Molly and other vids

Please note that Friday is up in the air as I have not yet arranged with Scott at Casa Blue for this time. If necessary we will meet at my house or elsewhere, so be sure and Email Me if you plan to attend.

• 10 AM – Write Story/Script
• Noon – Plan props, characters, and sets
• 1 PM –Break for Lunch
• 2 PM – Build it!

• 10 AM – Storyboards
• 11 AM – Shoot
• 1 PM – Lunch
• 2 PM – Shoot
• 6 PM – Additional Voice Acting
• 8 PM – Edit

What we need: Cardboard, construction paper, glue, tape, string, rubber bands, paint, markers, fabric scraps, fishing line, action figures and small toys for parts, wire, wood scraps, aluminum foil, model kits, tools (scissors, knives, hot glue guns, paint brushes, clamps, etc.), clothes pins, misc. art supplies, and anything else I can't think of at the moment. If you can bring anything, email me and let me know what you can provide. Email Me –

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