Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Video Lab After Action Report

What a great weekend! It was definitely a blast and it was good to meet people who are interested in the club. We didn't make our goal of creating a video in two days but we got a really good start. The working title of the piece is "Ink Fight", it's going to be episodic, and while we're still going to use painted cardboard cutouts, I think I'm going to avail myself of technology to animated it. AfterEffects. I'm a little rusty on it, but when I was at the American Film Institute I was in Trish Meyer's AE classes. Anyway, Ink Fight is going to be about fighting tattoos.

I have to admit, this starting a new group is harder than I thought. Many people have expressed an interest, but not as many will show up. Those of you that did show up to the video lab, (Yevgenia, Mitch, Steph, Perla, Yolanda, my dad(!)), thank you! It was really fun and we'll be continuing to work on Ink Fight. If we can finish it by July 24, we can submit it to Channel 101.

Publicity has been a real chore and while the people we have attracted are definitely the right sort of people, we need more of them to make this a viable ongoing enterprise. I need to do more organizational outreach to the various arts groups in the area.

So, with this in mind, the next meeting will not be until the July 31st (assuming Scott of La Casa Blue approves). The next video lab will be the following weekend, August 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Keep checking here for updates.


Toki-chan said...

Did you finish the video? Would love to see it when your done!

parfum terlaris said...

Sound interesting to me. I will wait until you finish the video and upload into youtube. When you filming about tattoo always remember to use appropriate point of view to make it live. IMHO